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September 24 2015


The Limited Use Of Social Media In Uganda

The limited use of social media, alone, does not save the country from popular revolts, change of political guards or socio-economic situation. But the same conditions, under which Ugandans live, will one day turn around to widely consume authorities for their irresponsibility, with or without it (social media). Many years before the introduction of computers in the country, revolutions took place. The process, though, is much longer. By the time it becomes necessary to act for change, mass mental illness, due to hopeless-living, could have weakened hopes in the minds of those still struggling on.
But by the time conditions start to enforce change to occur, social media gadgets will be widespread around the country. They will ease change with far less effort, by highlighting the maladministration, inhuman living, and hopelessness, to provoke anger, hatred, and violence to enforce change. The opposite will also be true, when those in authority get emotionally-driven to act in people?s favor, so that the adverse effects of violence are prevented.
Presently, there is growing insecurity and fear among citizens, which could spread to reach the class of Ugandans, who currently feel secure, so that; from self-hatred, there is mutual, group, and national hatred for everything in the country, including the leadership. It is at this time that the use of social media for political, economic, and social change will become relevant in mobilizing and coordinating rebellions.
The continuing flooding of cheap Chinese phones and computers on Ugandan market will in the near future increase access to social media by most, if not all Ugandans. And when the social environment persistently gets ?infested? with poverty, famine, preventable deaths, insecurity, and maladministration, the use of social media to change the statuesque will be justified and eminent.
Whereas the use of social media is an amazing strategy for positive change, it can be infiltrated by security agents, who will be attracted by its vitality of facilitating access to information on the state of the minds of users, mobilizing social action, and possible causation of revolutions and counter revolution, which is known to trigger mayhem to nations.
The 1994 genocide in Rwanda provides a good insight about how bad counter revolutions could be. If no meaningful systems are in place to provide the elimination process of mindsets showing revolution and counterrevolution signals among people of the same nation, it will be always a matter of time for violence to erupt, facilitated by social media.
There are, however, setbacks suffered by beneficiaries of social media once they misuse the facility, when some of the views posted turn out to harm their reputation, and deny them social capital or destroy relationships. Negative views posted push away loved ones, and create concern among authorities over the harm the negative-thinking person might cause to himself or others, through the social media.
In all, meaningful change is possible when its need is so massive that signs make it clear to discontented citizens that leadership would be faced with little or no opposition; change would occur with even far less damage to the economy and to lives. The use of social media warrantees certain values to protect oneself from self-harm and image-destruction.
Social media applicability for economic and social change is far from being real in Uganda. The ?barometer? reads peace and hard work for survival. buyinstafollowers.orgThe use of social media can turn out hurting, if no protective values and standards of use are set by the user.
Effective use of social media is an event of the future. The mass use of gadgets, as phones and computers is bound to influence society in Uganda for the better, but only in a long term. The hard times in the country today can only be faced with resilience and coping as some citizens are already doing.
But if the insecurity and widespread fears due to it becomes a mass effect; first, insecurity will become national; second, there will be a stronger need for change; third, a justifiable action for change will ensue. Generally, change has its time, it will always present itself.

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